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Partnertrans was established in 1990 in Novi Sad, Serbia.
We are specialized in haulage on routes from Serbia mostly towards Western European countries (European Union), but also transporting to other countries. Being one of the companies with the largest number of EURO 5 and EURO 3 vehicles in our country, Partnertrans successfully takes part in international haulage business, driving also from and to the third countries.

We can transport your goods from and to : Hungary, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, UK, Italy, Check Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, BIH, FYR, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia etc.

Partnertarns is one of the leading international road transport companies in Serbia. With numerous clients, we have a long lasting cooperation, and the size of our motor vehicle fleet enables us to give offers for larger deals, which is our advantage in comparison with smaller transportation companies. Full confidence that our business partners and users of our services have in us is based on our long-standing presence in the market, the quality of our motor vehicle fleet, our services and our experience.

Our drivers are highly experienced and professional, qualified for the jobs they perform. At least once a year the drivers' knowledge is tested and specific jobs' trainings are organized (ADR - training for hazardous goods' transportation, etc).
Our business administration and logistic service, as well as drivers, will do their best to keep your cargo safe, from the place where it was loaded to the delivery destination, and have it delivered on predetermined time.
As it was until now, our main business strategy will remain modernization of our motor vehicle fleet, in order to keep our position in the market. Modern and large fleet provides high quality service and the competiveness.

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